• Sprout bag

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  • Pasta made from SPROUTS

    Made DIRECTLY from FRESH SEEDLINGS and then gently dried!

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  • Sprouts porridge

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  • sprouts

    ...are full of life, even as we eat them
    and are characterized by an enormous increase
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  • Sprouts MUESLI

    Start your day with the energy of activated sprouts!

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  • Pasta made from legumes

    High-quality organic pasta from the Explore Cuisine brand

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DIRECT We develop PepUpLife products ourselves. Our focus is on natural and healthy products.
Conscious nutrition Sprouts are real nutrient bombs full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and lively energy.
ORGANIC All of our products come from 100% organic farming.
  • DIRECT We develop PepUpLife products ourselves. Our focus is on natural and healthy products.
  • Conscious nutrition Sprouts are real nutrient bombs full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and lively energy.
  • ORGANIC All of our products come from 100% organic farming.

frequently asked Questions

Seedlings and sprouts are an outstanding FOOD in the truest sense of the word.

Why the emphasis on LIFE? Well, every other vegetable, fruit or other food must be harvested before consumption. Ie it is cut off from the lifeline. This cutting immediately initiates a degradation process that ultimately ends in rotting after a certain amount of time.

Completely different with sprouts. These are eaten whole, without being cut off anywhere. So seedlings are food full of life energy, perhaps even a fountain of youth for our bodies.

No, actually it's child's play. Yes, kids love watching the sprouts develop. It is a very good way to
to illustrate the life process. When the first sprouts suddenly emerge from the grain after 1-2 days, this is very exciting for most children.

Now about growing sprouts: Once you've tried it a few times and developed a certain routine, it's as easy as brushing your teeth 😉. In principle, all you need is selected germinating seeds, water, a container and a room at room temperature. It is important not to just take any grains, because not all of them are capable of germinating or have been specially cleaned and examined. If you use the pre-filled sprout bag, simply take a bowl of lukewarm water and leave the bag or bags overnight
into it. In the morning, empty the water, rinse the bags well and put them back in the bowl, this time without water. If necessary, cover with a plate and rinse the bags regularly in the evening and in the morning so that they do not become dry.

And voila, after 2-3 days your sprouts are ready. If you have made too many, put them in the fridge. They can be stored there for a few days, but the bag is designed so that it should be enough for a maximum of 1-2 meals.

This all works in a very similar way with the sprout jar.

The seedling “thinks” it is becoming a plant and therefore needs or forms one in the first few days of its growth
concentrated load of nutrients. Not just the basic substances such as proteins, carbohydrates or fats, but also all other micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins, secondary plant substances, enzymes, etc.

But then we eat the sprouts - in this way we can "get" all the necessary nutrients into our body easily and cheaply.

The material of the bags and the film on the outside is made of organic material and can be disposed of via the waste/compost facility. It is not ideal in your own home compost because the decomposition of the cornstarch material takes too long (approx. 2 years or more).

These fine white hairs are microroots of the sprouts and are completely normal. Mold would also smell unpleasant and usually does not develop within 2-3 days.

We germinate the seeds until shortly before the sprout emerges from the grain. In this phase, the enzyme process is interrupted by gentle drying at 42° and the seedlings are thereby preserved. The high concentration of developed nutrients at this stage, which the plant needs for growth, is retained and is highly bioavailable to us.

If germination takes longer, the shoot sprouts (this is the leaf base, not the roots; these only come in a later step). However, this sprouting already uses up nutrients, which are converted into pulp, among other things. We therefore consciously stop the germination process beforehand so that the full nutritional power is available to humans.

Sprouts are a completely natural product without any additives or processes. Only the germination makes it possible to chew lentil grains raw, for example. Without germination, the grains are so hard that even the best teeth cannot crack them.

It can happen from time to time that the germinated seeds contain grains that do not germinate or do not germinate quickly. This means that they remain hard and are not beneficial for vulnerable teeth.

To be on the safe side, you could simply run the crispy sprouts through a crusher or grain mill or briefly put them in a chopper/shredder. This breaks up the grains and protects your teeth.

Unfortunately, in many areas it is very common for old myths to persist for a very long time and for authors to adopt them without thinking.
It is simply copied from books by other authors. This also seems to be the case when it comes to canavanine in alfalfa seeds.

Two US authors and scientists (Warren Peary and William Peavy, Ph.D) have shown that this finding is based on incorrect interpretation of the research. They have come to the conclusion that the cananvin content in alfalfa is so low that it never poses a danger to humans. The original study was done on mice with an overdose. A person would therefore have to eat incredibly large amounts of alfalfa sprouts at once to notice any harmful effects.

So, you can enjoy the delicious alfalfa sprouts without any worries after just 2-3 days of germination. Provided, of course, that you don't have a general intolerance to raw vegetables, sprouts or seeds, etc.


Delicious VEGAN SCHNAL' Z with sprouts
Everyone who has tried it once wants to have it again!