Sprouts are alkaline food

Are sprouted sprouts healthy ? – Many people ask themselves this question when they hear about sprouts and seedlings. Those who already have experience with this topic usually talk enthusiastically about the effects of this unique food on their body and health.

The food we eat is primarily acidic or alkaline. After digestion, foods create an alkaline or acidic state in the body. This classification does not refer to the taste on the palate, but to the chemical nature of ash residues. Many fruits may taste sour, but this is in a physiological sense, not a chemical one. The sour taste is due to organic acids in the fruits, such as malic, tartaric or citric acid, which are converted in the body and actually have an alkalizing effect (e.g. lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits).

Whether food is acidic or alkaline can be determined by the effect of residues after digestion and metabolism, namely the reaction on the body and the remaining end products, namely acidic or alkaline ash. These ashes are what remains after the body has used the food as a source of energy.

The minerals in food are the main regulators of the acid-base balance in the body. The regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, digestion, circulation and hormone production also work together to balance the potential of hydrogen (pH - Power of Hydrogen). More appealingly, pH could also be called perfect harmony.

On the pH scale from 0 to 14, values ​​below 7 are acidic and above are basic. Extremes at either end are not good for your health. A small change on the algorithmic scale has a huge impact on natural health. A pH value of 6 is 10 times more acidic than a value of 7, and a value of around 5 is 100 times more acidic. Healthy blood always has a value of 7.4, as does saliva in the mouth.

To find out whether foods are acidic or alkaline, they are burned to ash. Water is added to this ash residue and this solution is then tested for acid or base concentration. The ash shows the mineral content of the food. If it is rich in alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium and manganese, the pH will be above 7, i.e. alkaline. On the other hand, if it has a lot of acidic minerals such as phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, silicon, iodine and fluorine, it will create an acidic state in the body unless we eat enough alkaline foods to compensate.

The most valuable foods for our health are those that produce the lowest amount of acidic waste products and the highest value of acid-neutralizing byproducts .

Hyperacidification from heavily cooked, processed and take-away food without fresh fruits and vegetables is very common. This causes an acidic condition in the fibers, lymph and blood. This in turn is the cause of pain and illness. A predominantly acidic environment reduces the oxygen that cells could receive. When a cell is depleted of oxygen, all sorts of serious disease problems can arise, including cancer. Carcinogenic cells are acidic. Healthy cells are alkaline.

Alkaline and alkalizing foods primarily include all sprouted seeds, most vegetables, microgreens and fruits. In general, all seeds, grains, legumes and nuts are acidic unless they are germinated. When all of these seeds are soaked and soaked in water, their shell breaks open to become a sprout. This makes them alkaline!

Our brain does everything it can to maintain the alkalinity of the blood at pH 7.4. It will pull minerals such as calcium from bones and elsewhere if the acidic state in the body remains. This mechanism is called homeostasis.

A way must be taken to get the acidic waste out of the body so that it becomes alkaline again. The acidic state is gradually reduced through alkaline-rich food.


It is highly advisable to force alkaline food, especially sprouts and seedlings, drink plenty of pure water, practice deep breathing in fresh air, treat stress in all forms and ensure enough sleep. Sprouts are nature's miracle cure, rich in essential, alkaline minerals and are among the most nutrient-rich foods of all.

(Source: Isbell Shipard: “Sprouts”, herbsarespecial.com.au)


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